Why You Should Get Involved in College

Hello lovelies! I hope you are having an amazing day thus far. A few months ago I wrote a blog post explaining how you can get involved on campus throughout your college years – including through student organizations, athletics, volunteering, and more. (Click here to read the post for reference!) Throughout that post, I tried to provide examples of the many ways that you can become more involved in #college and how these activities can make you feel more apart of your campus community. I think that it’s absolutely crucial as a freshman or new student coming in to college that you try to find some way to become involved and join in on your university’s “college experience.” The nice thing is that there are a ton of options out there, so people with vastly different interests can find something that is perfect for them.

That being said, today I’ve decided to step back a little bit and explain why you should even consider these activities in the first place. While you’re totally free to decide to stay in your dorm room every second of college and not join any organizations or take on any internships, I think you will be missing out on something important if you choose to do so. Not convinced? Read on for 5 reasons you should get involved in college.

1. Gain Experience

There are some things that you obviously just can’t learn in the classroom. College is an opportunity to gain “life experience” and learn things like communication skills, leadership, time management, and more! All of these experiences will pay off in the long run when you begin to think about your prospects post-graduation!

2. Meet new people

All of these organizations are basically a chance for you to socialize and meet all your new college besties! What better way to find new friends than in an organization or club that you all share as a common interest?

3. Resume Building

It’s college, which means you need to start seriously thinking about your career goals and the post-school future. What better way to achieve your dreams than leave college with an amazing resume highlighting all your awesome extracurricular activities?

4. Become connected

Joining these organizations and clubs, like I said earlier, will just make you feel more connected overall to your university and campus life. This is your chance to form real bonds and make amazing memories of your college years that you can look back on 10, 20, 50 years from now.

5. Stress reliever

Organizations and activities were designed to be fun! Taking part in clubs that interest you will provide you a creative outlet and stress reliever for when those grueling midterms and finals come your way!

Because of the 5 reasons outlined above, I think it is super important to become involved in college. Along the way, you’ll discover new things about yourself – new passions, strengths, talents, and more! I hope you seriously consider all of your options when you come to college, and find ways to get outside your comfort zone and explore! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Please share any comments or questions with me below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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