Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing 7 tips to help you conquer finals week and rock all your college exams!

1. Start studying early

Save yourself from last-minute study sessions and a whole lot of stress by starting early. Create study guides, look through your notes, and get yourself in the ‘study’ mindset. Now is not the time to procrastinate – it’s time to work, kick ass, and end the school year in style! 🙂

2. Take breaks

Trying to study for 10 hours in a row isn’t your best strategy. Make sure you take little breaks to calm your mind and relax. Exercise or play a game and let yourself have a little bit of space from your exams.

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3. Take care of yourself

Going along with that, make sure you get enough sleep at night and get enough to eat! Being well-rested and nourished really does make a positive influence on your finals week experience.

4. Use campus resources

Reach out to your classes for study groups and study resources. Ask your professor or TA questions. Seek mental health counseling and support services.

5. Silence social media

Stay away from your phone and the distractions of social media. Your education is important – after all, it’s the reason you are in college to begin with! Avoid Snapchat and Twitter and f.o.c.u.s.

6. Use the study method that works best for you

Everyone studies a little differently, and some methods work best for some people than for others. Learn what works for you and do it consistently every single time. My best strategy is to read through and conceptualize the lecture slides, but some people work better with study guides or test problems.

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7. Calm down

Relax! You got this! Take all that knowledge you learned this summer and bring your A+ game with you to the exam. You can do this 🙂

Thanks for reading! Do you have any other tips for finals week? Please share them with me below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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