Hello lovelies! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! Today I am here to share some tips on how to get better grades in college. While your GPA and grades are most certainly not the most important thing in college, your transcript can often be a factor in getting scholarships, jobs, and internships. Therefore, it’s important that you do the best you can and work hard to succeed academically. Here’s a few steps on how to do so!

1. Spend time reviewing your syllabus

Every week, devote like 5-10 minutes of your time to looking over your syllabus for each class. Review upcoming deadlines and assignments and what the main ‘concept’ or ‘theme’ of the week is. Check out previous weeks in the course and make sure you remember what you talked about.

2. Go to Class

The best way to learn things and remember more is to actually show up for class every week! Listen closely to what your professor says, and take notes on all of the important information. Don’t take naps in class and don’t get in the habit of skipping a class – even if it’s one you don’t like!

3. Give yourself enough time to do the work

Stop waiting until the last minute to get your assignments done. When you know you have a paper deadline coming up in a few weeks, begin brainstorming ahead of time and write down your ideas. Give yourself enough time to write the paper or do the assignment with extra time to review your work and get it peer-reviewed if you so choose.

4. Visit office hours

Develop a relationship with your professors and go to their office hours! Bring all of your questions and concerns to their office and discuss any concepts or terms you are struggling with. They will also have loads of advice on how to write your papers or study tips for the next exam.

5. Study and review!

Spend a little bit of time each week reviewing the class material. Give yourself at least a week before an exam to begin studying. Make flash cards or a study guide, or get a group of classmates together and form a study group! The night before an exam, make sure to get enough sleep and eat breakfast in the morning!

Thanks for reading! Do you have any other tips for getting better grades in college? Please share them with me below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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