Hello lovelies! I hope you have had an amazing year thus far. Today I am sharing how well I progressed on my goals for this month + my new goals for April!

YES! Enjoy Spring Break at home

I came home for the week of Spring Break, and was able to spend time with family and relax a bit as well! 🙂

YES! Visit the zoo

I went to the zoo about two weeks ago with my boyfriend! We actually got to see the polar bears this time, so that was great.

SORT OF! Organize my closet

I started organizing my closet at school before I left for break, but haven’t found the time since I got back to finish :/ Hoping to get to it soon!

NO 😦 Have my first scoop of Babcock Ice Cream for the year

The weather just hasn’t been nice enough to make me want to eat ice cream yet… hoping that when it starts warming up outside, I’ll be able to properly enjoy my school’s amazing ice cream!

NO 😦 Start my daily walks again (when the weather gets nicer!) 

I’ve been super lazy and busy and just haven’t gotten back in my routine yet. With the temps rising and Spring officially arrived, I can now get back into it and enjoy myself.

April Goals

  • Choose a summer internship
  • Settle my summer housing plans
  • Spend a Saturday lying outside on Bascom Hill
  • Finish the school year strong
  • Start buying things for my new apartment 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! What are your goals for April? Share them in the comment section or with me on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey

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