Hello lovelies! Today I am discussing a super fun and anticipated moment in every college student’s life: Spring Break! On my campus at Wisconsin, our Spring Break is from March 17-26, so I am getting ready to enjoy the break myself. Without further ado, here are 7 fun and relaxing ideas of how to spend your time during Spring Break!

1. Hang out on the beach

The only way to properly enjoy Spring Break is to be laying on a beach somewhere, obviously! 😉 If there’s no beach near where you are, make the best of what you have and either lay out and lounge outside or inside your house!

2. Catch up on your reading list

If you have a million books on your reading list like I do, spending some time during vacation reading is a great relaxing and ~smart~ way to spend your time!

3. Sleep. A lot.

Sleep as much as you possibly can. Spend an entire day in bed, sleeping. Catch up on the millions of hours you’ve lost this semester staying up doing homework and/or binge-watching Netflix. When in doubt, sleep.

4. Bake and eat cookies

The best things in life are sleep and food. Since you have the time, improve upon/expand your culinary skills and bake a ton of desserts. You’ll probably be tempted to eat them all afterwards, to which I say, it’s vacation, why not? 😉

5. Hang out with family, friends, and bae

If you will be spending time with your family, make sure to actually spend some time with your family (they probably miss you from being gone so long!). Catch up with old friends, or hang out with your SO (if you are lucky enough to be in the same city as them over break… unlike me!). If you’re single, spend some time flirting up with all the spring break tourists and cuties you’ve been eyeing up!

6. Waste time with Netflix and binge-watching

Now’s the time to binge-watch all your favorite shows and not have to feel guilty about it! Go crazy and make your eyeballs hate you for staring at a laptop/TV screen for that long!

7. Be spontaneous and do whatever you’ve wanted to do

If someone asks you to go somewhere or do something with them, say yes! Be spontaneous, have fun, and jump at the chance for new experiences or opportunities. Whatever you’ve been meaning to do for the last few months but haven’t gotten to do yet, now is the time to finally get it done!

Thanks for reading! What are your plans for Spring Break? Please share them with me below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey

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