Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing a few tips on writing an essay in college. College is a lot more difficult than high school, and most professors have high standards on what they expect from your papers and assignments. Read on for a few tips on how to write an essay in college and ensure your success.

Read through the prompt first

Make sure you fully understand what the assignment prompt is asking before you begin writing. You don’t want to get two pages in before realizing that you haven’t fully answered the question the prompt calls for.

Gather all research and sources

Before you begin writing, make sure to gather all of the research material you need and read through the articles or sources you will be including in the paper. This will make the actual writing process go so much easier, trust me.

Form an outline

Next, create an outline for the paper. The most common format includes an introduction (with thesis statement), body paragraphs explaining your main points, and a conclusion re-summarizing your argument. Indicate where your sources will be included and any other information you need to include.

Stick to third person

When you’re writing a formal paper, use the third person. Avoid phrases like “I think” or “I believe” – they make your argument seem weak. If you really want to argue something, show it with concrete evidence that backs up your points and shows you are right.

Follow your outline & make your points

Use your outline as your guide and make sure to hit on all of the main points you wanted to. Draw on examples to make your argument solid and use the sources as a way to prove your points.

Proofread and edit

Finally, make sure to go back and edit and read through everything for grammar mistakes or illogical reasoning. Having a friend or your college’s writing center read through the paper would also be beneficial. Make sure to take this time to read through and you will be all set!

Thanks for reading! I wish you the best on writing all your college papers! Have any more tips? Please share them with me below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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