Hello lovelies! Today I am discussing a few tips on how to survive the ~dreaded~ communal bathroom. For many people coming to college for the first time, sharing a bathroom with a bunch of strangers isn’t something they are used to or have had to do before. So here are a few simple etiquette tips on how to share a college bathroom.

Always wear flipflops

Having shoes on at all times in the bathroom is an absolute must. People be nasty, and taking care of your feet health and not getting any nasty germs is crucial.

Clean up after yourself

Don’t leave your stuff everywhere or get toothpaste all over the sink and not clean it up. Properly dispose of your hygiene materials and take everything with you when you exit the bathroom.

Invest in a bathrobe

Towels simply don’t cut it when you have to walk across the entire floor to get from the bathroom to your dorm room. Especially if it’s a coed floor, make sure to bring a bathrobe that you can wear after showering.

Don’t waste all the toilet paper

During my stay in college dorm housing, I’ve come across groups of women who just waste toilet paper. Don’t use half the roll when you go to the bathroom, and be respectful about getting it on the floor or on the back of the toilet seat.

Use a bath caddy

I have a bath caddy and I love it more than anything! It’s plastic, doesn’t get wet, and has enough room to fit big bottles of my shampoo and body wash. Mine is actually a day-and-night removal caddy, so I have a smaller one to pull out and take with me at night versus the larger day one.

Turn the lights off after you leave

If you are in a smaller communal bathroom, or if you are the only person inside the bathroom and leave the room, turn the lights off. Don’t waste electricity and be selfish. Conserve where you can 🙂

Remember it’s not as bad as it seems!

Heading into college, communal bathrooms was definitely not something I was looking forward to. However, I quickly realized it wasn’t as bad as it first seemed. With a few common-sense measures, I have survived the communal bathroom and came out the other side just fine.

Thanks for reading! What tips or advice do you have on communal college bathrooms? Please share them with me below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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