Hello lovelies! Today I am going to talk about space – or rather, the lack of space that is often found in your college dorm room ūüė¶ . As someone who has been there, done that, I have¬†learned¬†how to make a tiny dorm room a comfortable, cozy home. Here are a few of my tips.

Stop the clutter

Resist the urge to bring every single thing you own with you to college! Here is a list of the actual things you need to bring. Talk with your roommate beforehand and share larger furniture items like a TV, couch, and microwave. Leave all of your big, bulky furniture at home and avoid the clutter! The more walking space there is in your room, the bigger the room feels!

Coordinate and utilize symmetry

Things that are symmetrical not only look better but also create a sense of space. Position your beds, desks, and other furniture in a symmetrical manner. Usually the best way to do this is to use up the wall space and leave an open area in the middle of the room. It makes it easier to walk around and gives the illusion of a bigger room.

Consider lofting beds

Lofted beds free up space under for storage, a futon, or a desk. They also can make the room feel bigger and more open when there is less furniture on the ground.

Add lighting

Lots of light makes a room feel bigger and more inviting. No one wants to live or visit a dark, small place after all! Decorate with string lights and lamps wherever you can.

Be a minimalist

Along with reducing cluttered furniture, decorate at a minimum. Consider adding a small amount of wall art to make the place more inviting, but don’t go overboard by eliminating every inch of wall space.

Stay organized

Lastly, remember to keep your room clean and organized throughout the school year. The more clutter and disorganization, the smaller and more cramped your room will end up feeling. Take care of your space and make sure to clean up after yourself (and your guests!).

Thanks so much for reading! Do you have any other tips on how to make a college dorm room look bigger? Please share your comments with me below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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