Hello lovelies! After a short break I am back here today to share with you some ideas on how to have an amazing Valentine’s Day! With only a week left, there’s still plenty of time to organize something fun and rewarding for the 14th. Whether you are looking for a romantic date night with your significant other, or a fun and relaxing time with your besties, here are some ideas on how to celebrate with the people you love best in the world.

College Date Night Ideas

  • Prepare a new meal together: get cooking! Spending time laughing in the kitchen, while cooking or baking something delicious is an adorable idea for couples who have been together forever or those who are just getting to know each other better
  • Take a dance class: Become a dancing queen on a night out with your significant other or V-Day date. Find a free (or discounted) class around campus that you can attend. Don’t forget your dancing shoes! 😉
  • Have an indoor picnic: Get an old-fashioned basket and put all of the picnic staples in it… and then enjoy it indoors! Spread a blanket out on the floor and just enjoy the delicious food and each other’s company!
  • Visit a museum or take a trip to the zoo: Depending on the weather, choose a fun museum/indoor location to spend the day exploring, or be adventurous and go to the local zoo.
  • Star gaze: What could be more romantic than venturing outdoors at night and looking at the stars? See if you can spot any of the constellations!

College Girls’ Night Ideas

  • Host a potluck: Have each of your friends bring a dish to pass, and enjoy the night with a home-cooked meal with your gal pals!
  • Have an old-school slumber party: Relive your high school glory days with reruns of your fave Disney Channel shows and competitions via board games.
  • Give each other ridiculous makeovers or clothes swaps: Pick out the ugliest outfits possible from each other’s wardrobes and post them on your snap story. Or give each other ridiculous makeovers and try out all of the makeup looks you’ve always wanted to try but never have!
  • Have a spa day: Splurge with your besties by pampering yourself with a spa day! Relax and laugh with your gals 🙂
  • Get dressed up and hang out at the bar: Get all glam and go out. Make a pack to ignore all the cuties in the bar and just focus on your friendship for the night.

Thanks for reading! What plans do you have for this Valentine’s Day? Please share your comments with me below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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