Hello lovelies! This week marks the end of November, and the beginning of the Christmas season. It’s time for me to share how well I’ve accomplished my goals for this month, as well as talk about what I hope to do in December!

IN PROGRESS Finish Applications

I’ve turned in some applications for summer internships and still have a few left to fill out. It’s a work in progress 🙂

YES! Have an amazing 21st birthday

My 21st birthday was really nice; it was during the week so the actual day was pretty lowkey, but I had an amazing weekend afterward so this goal was 100% accomplished 🙂

YES! Clean my room

I totally managed to accomplish this before I left for Thanksgiving break!

YES! Study in the Historical Society

I only did this once since I had to do some research here for a class, but it really is an absolutely beautiful building and I suspect I will find myself back there again before the semester ends.

YES! Buy an adorable birthday outfit

I chose to buy a dress I had been admiring for a few weeks beforehand, and it was absolutely perfect for the occasion.

YES! Keep up my blogging schedule

By being smart and scheduling blog posts ahead of time, I’ve managed to maintain my consistent blog schedule. #proud 🙂

IN PROGRESS! Write an amazing major story

The draft was due this week, but there is still a lot of work to be done in this last month in order for it to be the amazing story I want it to be. #fingerscrossed it turns out!

YES! Have fun

November was an amazing, sometimes crazy busy month. I had a lot of fun, finished many stressful assignments, and hung out with some amazing people in the meantime.

December Goals

  • Study hard and finish the semester strong
  • Buy amazing presents for everyone on my list
  • Pack for winter break
  • Finish internship applications
  • Get Bs or As in all my fall classes

Thanks so much for reading! What are your goals for December? Share them in the comment section or with me on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey

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