Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing some tips on how to stay healthy in college. College can sometimes feel like a breeding ground for germs, and it’s pretty easy to catch a cold or the flu being in such close proximity to a large group of people (especially if you live in the dorms!) Luckily, there are things you can do to help prevent yourself from getting sick. Here are a few of the major ones!

Wash your hands

Be sanitary and keep yourself safe from the germs! Wash your hands before meals, any time before you touch your eyes, nose or mouth, and when you know you have been around other people who are sick.

Eat healthy

Keeping a balanced diet, not skipping meals, and drinking plenty of water all go a long way to keeping you healthy and sick-free. A balanced diet can boost your immunity system, and make it easier for your body to fight any sickness you are exposed to. Make sure to get a serving of fruits, vegetables and dairy everyday. Click here for some healthy snack ideas.


Finding the time to exercise can be difficult, but staying fit and exercising is another way to keep your body healthy and happy. Most colleges make it fairly convenient to find places to workout with campus gyms and sports programs. Simple things such as walking to class instead of taking the bus everyday can pay off.


Ah, sleep. The thing we college students just do not get enough of… ever. Between studying, classes, work, and other activities, sleep is that thing that far too often gets pushed to the periphery. However, getting a full night of sleep will ensure your body has the fighting power to handle any sickness thrown your way.

Get a Flu Shot

This is an easy step to healthiness that far too many students fail to take advantage of. Most campuses offer free flu shots for students, so make sure to go and get yours when you can! It’s super simple and only takes a few minutes.


Stress can lead to sickness. Take time every day to relax and de-stress. Everything will be okay, I promise.

Thanks for reading! What other tips do you have to stay healthy in college? Share them with me below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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