Hello lovelies and happy Monday! Today I am here to share with you the essential items you should be bringing with you when you go to the library to study. As I’ve said often before, studying is a crucial aspect of college and making sure that you earn the grades you want in your classes. This often means spending a significant amount of time at the library with your textbooks! In order to make your library stay more productive (and enjoyable!) make sure to carry these 5 items with you next time:


Always have your personal planner/agenda with you so that you can stay on track with assignments, quizzes, tests and more! I highly recommend that, at the beginning of the semester, you fill your agenda out with all of the due dates for your classes so you can ensure that you never fall behind. And then use your agenda everyday to stay on track throughout the semester!

Laptop + notebook + textbooks + pen/pencil

This may seem obvious, but make sure you bring all of the necessary materials to do your homework or study for your exam. Having to make a trip back to your dorm/apartment and losing your coveted study spot in the library is ~so~ not ideal.

Snacks/Water bottle

Of course, every library is different, and some do not allow beverages or food inside the library. Make sure to learn the rules before taking these items with you, but if they are allowed, I would highly recommend having some snacks to curb your late-night studying cravings. Check out these healthy on-the-go snack ideas!


You never know what the temperature of the building will be, so it’s always wise to bring along something to keep you warm if it’s freezing in the library, or a layer to take off if it gets too hot. Your comfort is absolutely crucial in order to keep your motivation/strength up to killing your homework/exams!

Laptop + phone chargers

If you are staying at the library for hours on end, it is absolutely crucial your laptop doesn’t die while you are in the middle of an assignment! And your phone…well, no one our age can survive without their phone, obviously 😉

The next time you go to the library, make sure to bring these five things along with you! Thanks for reading! Please feel free to share your comments below or with me on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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