Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing some advice on apartment leasing. If you are considering getting your own apartment next year, there are several things you need to do first before signing a lease. Read on for tips on the process to finding the perfect apartment.

Don’t rush

First off, the most important thing you need to do is to take your time and consider all of your options. Do not panic or feel like you have to rush into the first apartment you view or else you won’t be able to find something in time. Take your time and do your research. Learn everything you can about the apartment building, the apartment itself, and the people who take care of the building. Read reviews online to see what current or former renters have to say about the building. Make an informed decision.

Read everything

A lease is a pretty standard, boring legal document, but it holds a ton of important information you will be held accountable to know. You need to understand exactly what you are agreeing for, and also make sure you look to see how much it would cost to break the lease. This is why not rushing into anything will be your saving grace.

Get everything in writing

Sometimes the lease doesn’t have enough details, which may result in discussions with your landlord. If this happens, make sure you get all of these details down in writing, and that both you and your landlord have a copy of the agreement.

Take tours

Do not sign a lease if you haven’t seen the apartment you are looking to rent yet! You need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into – this is a super important decision and it’s imperative that you have all of the information you need to make an informed one.

Learn all the rules

Look into community guidelines and policies regarding lock changes, painting the walls, hanging pictures, paying rent, etc. Know how you can tailor your apartment to fit your needs, and what’s allowed and what’s not.

That’s all for my list on what to do in the process of signing an apartment list. Please share any other tips in the comments below or with me on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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