Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to take a break and talk about my own life and how junior year has been going so far. Crazily enough, we’re already in October, which means I am about half-way done with my first semester of my junior year of college. We’re a month away from my 21st birthday and Thanksgiving, and only two months away from Christmas! This is all insane to think about, so I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on everything that’s happened in the past month and what I am looking forward to moving forward.

September Highlights

ih-_ciw1_400x400First and foremost, I started my new job! I am working as the Communications Specialist at a research lab on campus, meaning I get to play around with social media, press/PR stuff, and writing content, which is exactly what I love doing. It’s been super great so far, and everyone who works there has been incredibly welcoming and accepting, so I feel very blessed to have found a great place to work this school year. (Click here for more information on why I think you should work in college).

Catching up with my school friends! Being away all summer, I didn’t get the opportunity to hang out with anyone from school, so it was great to be back and spend the first few weeks catching up. Of course, things have gotten a lot busier in the past few weeks, so it’s been harder to find time to hang out, but we’re making it work!Henry Vilas Zoo giraffes

I’ve already visited the zoo four times this year, which makes me very very happy! (Two were on dates, 1 was with a friend, and the other was with my sister/her husband/my niece). Did I mention how much I love the zoo??? 😉

Increasing blog content: I am so glad I figured out an actual schedule to post on here and that it seems to be working well for me so far! I’ve unleashed a ton of new content this past year on Life Imitates Art, and I have a ton more to come that I am super excited to share! YAY! 🙂

I made it to 1100+ followers on Twitter! Am hoping to make it to 1200 by November *fingers crossed* (follow if you haven’t already!!!) 🙂

Looking Forward

  • As I mentioned, my 21st birthday is a month away (November 16, to be exact)! I am super excited but also kinda nervous and not really sure if I am ready to be that ~old~ yet lol! I’m still trying to figure out what presents I want everyone to get me 😉
  • I’ve started getting my applications ready for summer internships, so I am well on my way to actually applying. Fingers crossed I end up where I want to be!
  • Being in the midst of midterm season, I have a ton of class-related projects and tests to study for, so I’ve been super busy class-wise. This should (hopefully) calm down in a week or two, before starting back up for finals time.
  • My parents and one of my sisters will (hopefully) be visiting in a week or two to help me with my apartment search. I’ve narrowed it down to a few key choices so I am excited to move forward with the process for next year!

These are all the big things happening in my life right now! Please share any comments or personal stories with me below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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