Hello lovelies! Believe it or not, September is officially drawing to a close, so now it’s time for me to update you on how well I have accomplished my goals this month, as well as to share my goals for the month of October!

YES! Meet new people + make new friends

I definitely have met a ton of new people, and can’t wait to spend more time getting to know some of them!

YES! Catch up with the people I haven’t seen all summer

My first day back I basically got in touch with everyone! The first week before classes began was a ton of fun 🙂

YES! Use my planner daily to stay organized and on top of my classes and activities

I’ve been religiously using my planner to stay on track. This semester, I really have very little time to procrastinate so I am trying to do everything I can to stay organized.

YES! Take (helpful) notes in all of my classes

I’ve been super consistent with my note-taking so far, so I am pretty happy with this. My notes are all readable, at least! 🙂

KIND OF! Attend professor office hours

I’ve gone to one of my professor’s office hours thus far, and spoken to one of the others after class. Definitely will be doing this one when it gets closer to midterms/major assignments time!

KIND OF! Begin looking into apartment options for next year

I’ve done some preliminary research into options and have talked to a few friends, so I’m not completely slacking. Honestly, I have a few months before I really need to make a decision on this one.

YES! Sit on the Terrace while it’s still nice outside!

The beautiful, beautiful Terrace in late summer. I miss it already….

NO 😦 Find a new secret studying spot

I haven’t even thought about this one at all! So far, I’ve just been studying at my usual spot in the library!

YES! Visit the Chazen

While I went with a friend before classes began, I actually had an assignment for one of my classes at the Chazen, so I had to go then too. Love love love 😉

YES! Rock my first month of classes

I am totally counting this one as completed. I totes rocked my first month of junior year!

SOMEWHAT 😉 Keep my room clean + closet organized!

Um… well, it’s definitely not messy per se – but it’s not exactly clean either. Oops.

YES! Keep a consistent blogging schedule

I started off the month posting three times a week, but sadly am now cutting it down to two days – Monday and Wednesday, every week; with poetry on every other Sunday.

ALMOST!!! Reach 1100 followers on Twitter

So I am soooo close to achieving this one. Help a girl out please and follow if you haven’t already! –>> @casey_donart

SOMEWHAT 😦 Spend more time on Pinterest

While I did spend a little bit of time on there, it wasn’t nearly as much as I wanted to. Here’s to hoping for next month!

SOMEWHAT Begin thinking about internship options for next summer

I definitely have some options I am considering, but there’s a ton more research I need to do in order to figure it out. I’ve just been hired for a new job for this school year, so with all of the interviews and such I did for that, I haven’t really had the time to look into this summer yet.

October Goals

  • Excel at my new job
  • Pitch my major story for my class brilliantly
  • Study smart + ace my midterms
  • Have an amazing girl’s night with friends
  • Continue to look into internship options for next summer + housing options for next year
  • Dedicate at least 1 hour each week for relaxation/me-time
  • Be more vocal in discussions in class
  • Create a list for my birthday (November 16!)
  • Explore some of the State Street restaurants I haven’t been to yet
  • Come up with a killer Halloween costume

Thanks so much for reading! What are your goals for October? Share them in the comment section or with me on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey

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