Hello lovelies! Today I am discussing the items that you should be carrying around in your backpack this semester! Because in college you will be running between classes throughout the day, you will want to make sure you have everything you need on hand and that you don’t forget anything important! So here are ten essential items that you should have in your backpack at all times.


It’s 2016, which means it’s basically impossible to get by in college without a laptop (and the internet). Most professors require all assignments to be submitted online and post most of the readings for the class there, as well, so having your computer with you to work and study during breaks is essential. I know some people also take notes in class on their laptop, but I am a pen-and-paper girl instead, so I guess that’s really up to you!


Having paper handy is still pretty necessary, even with the push toward online and digital classrooms. Taking notes by hand is supposed to increase memory, so I definitely personally recommend doing so. When I have to physically write things down, I’ve found myself able to understand the material a lot more than just mindlessly typing away at my computer. There will also likely be things like quizzes in class and short writing assignments which you will need paper for, so always have at least one notebook on you.

Pencil + pen

In order to write anything, you need to have something to write with (duh!). Carrying both a pencil (I use mechanical ones!) and a pen will mean you will be safe in all regards, in case some professor only lets you take tests in pen or if your math class is pencil-only. Make sure to have back-ups, too, just in case!

Water bottle

Do not let yourself get dehydrated! Drinking enough water during the day will keep your energy up and help prevent you from getting any nasty flu germs/bugs. Please protect the environment and use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic! 🙂


Having an agenda with your due dates, homework assignments, and daily to-do list on you at all times is crucial to killing it in college. Students who use agendas and stay organized in college do so much better than students who do not do these things. Start the semester off right with good habits, not bad ones!

Wallet + keys

Always have your student ID, another form of identification (ie driver’s license), credit cards/cash, and keys with you. This is just being smart and careful!


If you get hungry during class or during break times, I recommend having a small snack on you so that you can stay healthy and well-nourished! Don’t let the busyness of your life stop you from eating! Click here for a few ideas!

Phone charger

Unfortunately, phone batteries do not last nearly as long as we wish they would. Having yours on you will make sure that you aren’t stuck without your life line/extended arm! 😉

Beauty supplies

Chapstick, makeup, a brush – whatever you feel you need to feel refreshed and touched up throughout the school day. I personally always have a small makeup bag with me that contains mascara, eyeliner, concealer, and lipstick with me so I can fix my face (so to speak!) if need be! Of course, this one is solely up to you and your needs 🙂


You do not – I repeat – do not want to leave an umbrella at home! If the weather where you go to school is anything like weather in Wisconsin, a perfectly clear, sunny day can turn into a downpour at any moment. The drenched look is just not cute on anyone, sorry to say.

Those are my top ten essential college backpack items! Is there anything I’m forgetting? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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