Hello lovelies! Today I will be discussing why I think college students should choose to work while they are also in school. I have personally been working several different jobs/internships since coming to college, and I think it has been a crucial and really great part of my college experience and something that everyone should really consider. Here’s why!

Extra money for savings

Obviously, college is very expensive these days, and most students don’t have the money to personally afford tuition, housing, food, etc., all on their own. This is why it is super helpful to have extra spending money each month from a job/internship which can be saved for later as well as used on emergency expenses.

Exploration in fields of interest

Jobs and internships are a great way in college to learn what you may be interested in pursuing post-graduation. My internships so far have been related to my major in journalism/strategic communication, and it has really helped me develop my skills in my major as well as learn more about what possible careers I could have after graduation. Click here for more information on how to get involved on campus.


Going along with the previous point, all of these jobs and internships can give you valuable content for your resume, which will attract future employers and make you seem a little bit more hirable post-graduation.

Better time-management skills

In order to have a job or internship in college, you need to be able to juggle academics, college life, and your job/internships effectively. Having to do this has definitely increased my time management skills and made me a more flexible and hardworking student than I would’ve been had I not done all of this.

Making friends, meeting new people

Jobs and internships are a great chance to further meet new people in college and to even possibly make some new friends with your co-workers! Your bosses and supervisors can help you build your network, as well as provide mentoring for you and possible advice for your future career plans. All of these people you will meet are great resources and a wonderful reason to take on a job or internship in college!


Another major thing I learned from having a job in college is how to be responsible and follow through with my commitments! This is absolutely a vital personality trait you have to have moving forward in the job market, so learning these skills now will help you out in the future.

These are my top reasons for why you should consider a job or internship in college. Although taking on another responsibility may seem scary or a lot of work, I promise it will pay off in the end and force you to learn important motivation and time management skills that will be helpful no matter what your future plans are.

Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts in the comments below or with me on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey

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