Hi lovelies! Today I am sharing with you a complete guide on how to get involved on your college campus. Becoming involved in different organizations or activities on campus is absolutely crucial to feeling connected to your university and beginning to see campus as your home-away-from-home. These are the types of activities and organizations which will not only be fun, engaging, and important for your personal development, but also the kind that you can put on your resume and showcase to future employers. Because every campus is a little bit different, I am simply going to give general advice on what kinds of things you should consider getting involved in and how to go about doing this, as well as some questions you should ask yourself before choosing an activity to invest your time in.

Questions to ask yourself first

  • What kind of hobbies or activities do you love to do? What were you involved in high school? Would you consider continuing doing any of these activities?
  • What is something that you have always wanted to do or learn more about?
  • How much time would you be willing to dedicate to an activity? How much time do you think you can plausibly dedicate to this activity? How will taking part in this activity affect your ability to handle your classes/work load?
  • What reasons do you have for joining an organization or activity? Are these reasons enough for you to commit to the organization/activity for the entire year/beyond?

Student organizations

Student orgs are the most extensive (and possibly popular) way to get involved on campus. Most colleges have expansive options to choose from, for interests that range from creative writing to religious worship. Depending on the size of your college, you will likely be able to find at least one organization that matches your interests and abilities!

A few examples:

  • Sorority/fraternity
  • Dance
  • Advertising
  • Republicans/Democrats chapters
  • Foreign language
  • Engineering

Student government

Another way to get involved on campus and make a different impact in your local community is to join your college’s student government. There are usually several chairs to consider running for, and you will likely be voted in by your peers. Student government is a wonderful way to become an active, engaged member of your community and to gain valuable leadership and political experience that can be applied to almost any field after graduation.


An obvious way to become involved is to join an athletics program. If you love sports or have played sports in high school, it may be a good idea to consider continuing your sport into college. Most schools have all of the expected sports – football, basketball, volleyball, etc – so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that works best for you!


Consider volunteering as an absolutely amazing way to get involved on campus. Volunteering in the local community will make you feel more connected to your campus and the people you are helping, and give you a chance to make a real, tangible difference in the lives around you. I strongly suggest volunteering at least once during your college years.

A few examples:

  • Local animal shelters
  • Food pantries
  • Environmentalism efforts

Academic tutoring

Lastly, another great way to get involved on campus is to sign up as an academic tutor for your peers. If you are knowledgeable in one subject, you should consider sharing this knowledge with others! Colleges usually have an academic tutoring program that you can sign up for or an organization which you can become a part of.

A few example subjects:

  • Math
  • Science
  • English

By becoming involved in any of the above activities, I guarantee you will begin to feel more at home on your college campus! As I have said time and time again, college is for exploring, learning, and growing as an individual and helping others in the process. There are so many incredible opportunities available to you in college, I sincerely hope that you go after them! 🙂

Thanks for reading! If you found this post helpful, please share it with your friends so that more college students can be reached! And let me know any thoughts or questions you may have in the comments below or on Twitter with me @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey

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