Hi, everyone! Today I am sharing all of the things I hope to accomplish in the month of September. Personally, I think that having goals is absolutely essential to getting s*** done and having fun in the process, and considering how well I accomplished my goals last month, creating a list each month of what I need to do seems to be working well for me!

  1. Meet new people + make new friends
  2. Catch up with the people I haven’t seen all summer
  3. Use my planner daily to stay organized and on top of my classes and activities
  4. Take (helpful) notes in all of my classes
  5. Attend professor office hours
  6. Begin looking into apartment options for next year
  7. Sit on the Terrace while it’s still nice outside!
  8. Find a new secret studying spot
  9. Visit the Chazen
  10. Rock my first month of classes
  11. Keep my room clean + closet organized!
  12. Keep a consistent blogging schedule
  13. Reach 1100 followers on Twitter
  14. Spend more time on Pinterest
  15. Begin thinking about internship options for next summer

Thanks so much for reading! What are your goals for September? Share them in the comment section or with me on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey

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