Hi everyone! It seems like just yesterday I was writing blog post sharing my monthly goals for August with you all, and now it is almost September and time for me to update you on the progress I made on my goals for this month! In a few days, I will be posting my September goals (most of which will be school-themed, obviously) so stay tuned for that!

YES! Spend time with friends and family at home.

My first goal for the month was just to spend time with the people I love at home. This was definitely accomplished, as I had plenty of fun time with them all, including going to my hometown’s annual summer festival with my sister and seeing a few movies.

YES! Read 2 good books.

Surprisingly, I found the time to sit down and catch up on two books that were in a series I had started forever ago. They both were great and I am so glad I got some reading in during my time at home!

YES! Spend a day (or two) relaxing on the beach!

I am going to count this one as completed, because I spent a good portion of a night there during the festival with my sister. Unfortunately, some serious family matters came up later on in the month and I was unable to have the planned full-beach relaxation day like I had hoped.

YES! 🙂 Brainstorm blog post ideas.

I am super excited about all of the content that I will be sharing with you all in the next few weeks! I have a full calendar, so hopefully I can keep it up and keep delivering inspiring and useful college advice + my Sunday poetry posts!

YES! Come up with a list of everything I want to do in Madison this year.

I have a million and one plans for this school year, and I already am getting started on them! I am determined to make junior year my best year yet, and I promise to share the very best of my adventures with you all as time progresses!

SOMEWHAT! Take a 30 min+ walk at least 2 times a week.

I’ve only just gotten into my walking routine since I’ve been back on campus for the past week, so I am only counting this goal as somewhat complete. Although I did some walking at home, it was pretty inconsistent and didn’t really follow my set goal.

SOMEWHAT! Maintain a consistent blogging schedule.

I’ve been trying to post 2-3 times a week, which I’ve managed to accomplish pretty significantly, but the days are still irregular based on my schedule, so I am going to keep trying to fine-tune this as the semester actually starts based around what is most convenient with my class schedule!

NO 😦 Learn how to cook 5 new healthy dinner recipes.

I totally spaced on this one. Sadly, finding time to learn new recipes was just not on the agenda for this month. Maybe I can try to pick this goal up again this semester or over winter break, haha!

YES! Try something completely outside my comfort zone.

Leaving New York, attending some events in my hometown, and heading back to Madison, I managed to try many new things – some of which are completely outside my usual introvert comfort zone. Case in point, I have been helping with move-in to the dorms this week, and have been channeling my best fake extrovert to be as helpful as possible! 😉

YES! Go back to school shopping!

I definitely went BTS shopping before coming back to campus, and actually managed to get everything that was on my list this year (how many times does that actually happen, RIGHT?!?). Overall, it was a fun day in Green Bay hitting up the mall and a few other stores along the way!

YES! Clean my room at home/de-clutter my space

I completely tidied up my room – before I left for New York, it was a TOTAL disaster! Luckily, it is now in tip-top shape for me to mess up again when I head home a few days for Thanksgiving, hahaha! 🙂

YES! Pack for college – and not forget anything this time!

I totally rocked my packing list and got everything situated in just a few containers and my suitcases! Now I am all settled in my room and ready to go for a new, amazing semester!

YES! Watch a movie I haven’t seen before.

I actually watched the most bizarre movie with my sister a few weeks ago – it’s called TUSK for any of you who want to check it out, and it is literally a story about a guy who is turned into a walrus. Mind-blown, I know.

YES! Sit outside and watch the stars.

I actually did this a few nights ago with a friend and it was super fun! I love nighttime and it’s so pretty looking up at the stars! Highly recommended haha 🙂

YES! Mentally/physically prepare for my junior year of college.

Honestly, I feel as ready now as I will ever be. I am super excited to get this year going and to learn a ton, stress a lot, meet cool people, and have fun! And to bring you all along on my journey, of course!

These are the 15 goals I had set for myself in August. Overall, I did a great job on accomplishing everything I wanted to accomplish this month. Now I need to start thinking about my September goals, haha… Share your ideas in the comments or on Twitter with me @CaseyDonart. And thanks for reading!

xoxo Casey


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