Hi, everyone! Today I’m here to share some tips on how to have another amazing year in college! Whether you are a freshman or a senior, there are certain things you should do in order to ensure that you accomplish everything you need to this year and have a little fun while doing it!  😉

Start fresh with new supplies

There is nothing better than writing in a new notebook on the first day of class with a brand new pen. Start the new year with never-used notebooks, pens, agendas, and whatever other supplies you need to make sure you stay organized all year long.

Begin your days with breakfast

I am guilty of going without breakfast far too many mornings this summer and past school year. It’s super easy to forget to grab anything to munch on when you are rolling out of bed at what feels like the crack of dawn, throwing on an outfit, and grabbing your backpack before heading out the door. To avoid accidentally forgetting ‘the most important meal of the day’, plan the night before and make sure you always have something to eat in the a.m.

Set an alarm + wake up when alarm goes off

Don’t be that person who is late for class or runs in just as lecture starts! Set an alarm so that you are up and ready to go when its time to leave in the morning.

Sing in the shower

I’m one of those annoying people who basically sing everywhere – in the shower, in the car, at the grocery store checkout (okay, not really that last one). Singing is very therapeutic. Create an awesome-sauce playlist and blast it in the bathroom in the morning. The louder (and more off-key) you sing, the better.


Volunteering is amazing – not only for the people you help, but for you, too. It’s an opportunity for you to explore the world from someone else’s eyes, and I guarantee you will learn more about other people and about yourself through volunteering than in any of your classes.

Join a Student Org

Student orgs are a great way to get involved on campus and meet new people in the process. You will feel so much more connected to your community and your fellow students if you have a student org to call yourself home. If you’re lucky enough to be at as big of a school as I am, there are likely a ton of options to choose from. Pick an org related to your major or something you would want to do post-graduation. If you have the extra time, choose a second org that’s just a fun hobby.

Take chances

I’ve said it a million times, and I will say it again: college, like all things in life, is whatever you choose to make it. Nothing will happen unless you actively go out and make it happen and are unafraid of taking risks that could turn out to be nothing or could turn into everything.

Ask questions

Never be afraid to ask questions! While I am not in the “There are no stupid questions” camp (I have heard plenty of stupid questions in my college classes so far), I genuinely believe that if you have a concern or are confused about something, you need to ask for help and get that addressed. Whether it’s in class or outside of it, asking questions and taking initiative can never really be a bad thing.

Make new friends

Making friends is something that is heavily advised upon during freshman year. However, whether you are a freshman or a senior, I think there is never a bad time to meet new people and develop new relationships. If you close yourself off to the possibility of becoming close with someone new, you might be missing out on a potentially amazing friendship (or more). Even as the early months of the year pass on, keep seeking out new people to spend time with and you might just meet someone you click with better than your ‘early fall friends’.

De-stress and exercise

When college seems like too much for you to handle, it’s necessary that you take steps to de-stress from life and relax a bit. Taking care of your health is necessary, so seek out the resources and help that will keep you healthy and happy during the school year. Balance your diet, exercise, and take time to just relax by yourself in order to keep your brain refreshed and energized for hard classes and a ton of homework.

Unplug from social media

Sometimes, social media can just be too much for us to handle. There’s a lot of pressure in comparisons and the fear of missing out on everything other people are doing in college. Unplugging from Facebook and Snapchat every once in a while will do wonders to your sanity and happiness.

Experience everything

Don’t say no to events or places that could potentially be awesome! Experience everything your college campus and town/city has to offer. Explore the local areas and find new places to adore. Make these four years count by getting outside your comfort zone and finding MORE.

Discover new things about yourself

College is about learning, after all. Once upon a time I said that the best lessons I’ve learned in college were non-academic related. I think that discovering who you are as a person and what you love to do is an essential aspect of these four (or five) years of college, and absolutely necessary for your personal growth as an individual. Most importantly, don’t ever be afraid to just be yourself.

Study hard and have fun

Lastly, work at balancing academics and your social life. Us Badgers have a motto that we study hard and party harder. It’s okay to have fun in college, but your classes and studies do come first, so take the time and energy to do both efficiently.

These are all of my tips for having a great year! What are your secrets to success in college? Share them in the comments below or on Twitter @CaseyDonart. Thanks for reading, everyone 🙂

xoxo Casey

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4 thoughts on “How to Have a Great School Year

  1. This is a great post! My biggest tip to start off a great school year would be to schedule “me time”! With all that time spent making new friends and enjoying what your campus has to offer it is easy to lose yourself in it and making time for yourself is just as important during the school year as it is during the summer!

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