Hi everyone! Today I am sharing a recent blog post that I wrote during my time interning this summer in NYC. Unfortunately, comparing ourselves to other people is something that is far too easy to succumb to. In this post, I shared why I think these comparisons are useless and disappointing, and why we need to stop spending so much time making them. Read below for an excerpt, and click the link for the entire post!

Why We Need to Stop Comparing Ourselves to Others

In an age of social media and constant sharing, feelings of insecurity and inadequacy have this strange way of creeping in. Being able to witness other people’s amazing adventures and glamorous lives on Snapchat and Instagram makes it very easy for you to begin to analyze your own life and try to draw comparisons. In college, we have this heightened environment where the FOMO is very real, indeed. Feeling like you don’t measure up or are as talented, smart, successful, or beautiful as someone else is a horrible feeling, one that I myself have unfortunately experienced far too often.

But today I’m arguing that we need to stop spending so much time comparing ourselves to others. It can be difficult when there is a constant stream of ‘amazingness’ out there for you to compare yourself to, but stopping the endless analyzing is necessary for your mental and emotional health.


Thanks for reading! I hope you have enjoyed my blog thus far. Please feel free to share your comments below or with me on Twitter @CaseyDonart.

xoxo Casey


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