Hi everyone! I can deny it no longer: I am only a few short weeks away from officially being a junior in college! These past two years went by incredibly fast and I can hardly believe how much I have accomplished and changed since arriving on campus in the fall of 2014. Back then, I was a slightly shy 18 year old with no clue what I wanted to do with my life, and now I am a 20 year old journalism major with big dreams for the future and an idea of how I am going to accomplish it all. In these past two years, I’ve handled tough classes, balanced work and school, gained amazing friends, and accomplished more than I thought was even possible. I’ve come to love the city of Madison like my second home, and have found incredible people and experiences both on and off campus.

This year, I have even more plans of how to have an amazing year and accomplish even more things. To help me do all of this, I’ve come up with a list of goals for my junior year, some of which are rather less serious than others. And today I am sharing these goals with you on my blog so hopefully you can be inspired and possibly come up with your own goals, as well!

Get AB/As in all my classes

While my GPA has been something I’ve never particularly cared about, the actual grade I get in class always has been. I hope to get all ABs or As in my classes this year and keep working hard on my academics. See: Simple Studying Hacks for tips on how to rock college!

Meet new people / Make new friends

My personal philosophy in life is that you can never have too many friends! I love meeting new people and getting to know them on a deeper, more personal level. I hope to find new people to which I can share my life.

Decorate my room!

I love decorating, even though I do not have the best eye for décor styling! I want to make my room super chic this year and have a ton of ideas of how to do it (stay tuned- I may share pics in the future!)

Find my own apartment

Because of a deal I had worked out with my parents, I chose to stay in the residence halls for my first three years of college. Senior year I will be moving out into an apartment, so I need to look into my options and choose what is best for me.

Learn how to bake more intricate desserts

This year, I want to spend more time in the kitchen and learn more complicated recipes. As a dedicated dessert lover, I hope to take my chocolate devotion to new heights with more intricate desserts!

Experience new things

College is a time to explore life and gain many new experiences. Whether this means joining a new club/org or just visiting places in Madison I haven’t been to before, I don’t know yet. I just know I want to experience as much as possible during college, and junior year is a great time to continue doing that.

Look into my post-grad options

With graduation becoming a bigger reality to me, I am looking more into possible jobs after graduation and beginning to consider my options a lot more carefully. I want to spend this year continuing to do this and trying to determine what is the best path for me.

Make every moment count

Lastly, I simply want to do everything possible to have an amazing, absolutely spectacular junior year of college.

That’s all on my list of goals for this year. What are your goals? Share them with me in the comments or on Twitter @CaseyDonart. Have a great weekend! I will be back on Sunday for more poetry so make sure to look out for that!

xoxo Casey

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3 thoughts on “Goals for Junior Year

  1. These are great goals! I’m also a junior, and, like you, I can’t believe how quickly graduation is coming up, especially since I’m graduating a whole semester early. I’m a little nervous about post-grad life for financial reasons (isn’t everyone? Lol), but I have a few plans, and I know everything will work out okay! Good luck this year!

    Alexa | theicingontheplaylist.com


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