Hey everyone! As promised, I am sharing 5 reasons why Game of Thrones is literally the best show ever. As someone who is new to the fandom (I binge-watched all six seasons in the span of 2 weeks during my time in NYC…oops!), I can honestly and truly say it is an absolutely amazing show. So here are my 5 reasons for loving it. Please enjoy 🙂

Extensive world building

The show’s always-expanding world is one of my favorite parts of it. While it may be hard to keep track of everything (and there is a whole lot of everything) at times, the fact that everything is so well thought-out and planned is delightful.

Game of Thrones Dragons

Amazing characters

There are so many incredibly interesting characters on this show. No character is perfect and no one is ever safe. Your fave could die at any moment, leaving you an emotional mess afterwards (oh how I love character deaths!) Also, the female characters are amazing and (spoiler alert!) totally dominating right now.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow

Intersecting and diverging plots

This brings me to the plot. There is no “one plot.” Instead, there are many plots that are woven together, intersect and diverge in line with the characters’ goals and personalities. And these plots don’t feel convoluted; instead, they are wrapped up and ‘solved’ in a logical way.

Game of Thrones Explosion

No distracting romances

Although there is plenty of sex and romance on Thrones (this is an HBO show, after all), these stories never take over the plot or distract from what’s really important here. The show manages to balance the relationships in a surprisingly consistent and appealing way.

Game of Thrones Romance

Daenerys Targaryen (aka Mother of Dragons aka Khaleesi aka Queen Dany)  

Lastly, the existence of dragons and the queen of them all, Daenerys Targaryen aka my fave Dany. The woman is a goddess and we are completely unworthy of her existence.

Game of Thrones Daenerys

Well, those are my reasons for loving this show. Do you watch Game of Thrones? Are there any reasons why you think it is an amazing show? Let me know in the comments! And find me on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Game of Thrones is King

  1. I salute you for the massive binge-watching of ALL of the seasons in such a short period of time. That must have been quite an experience.

    Sadly, now you have to wait like the rest of us, painfully, for the seventh season.

    it’s okay, we’ve been waiting nearly 6 years for the next installment of the book. As the Starks say “The Winds of Winter is Coming … we think. George just won’t tell us when. But we’ll read that thing when it comes out. Hopefully he won’t kill us all off.” (I’m pretty sure that ‘s the actual House Words of the Starks.)

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