Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Here is some more poetry to make your day (hopefully) a little bit better 🙂


Hands outstretched

Heart beating slowly

Hoarding the sky

“It’s mine,” she says,

Pulling the sky


To her command



emotions wrestle

with fate

Don’t let me drown,

you say,

But I can barely keep

Myself afloat.



in disguise

A liar whose craft

Is words that cut

Like blades of steel.

A man who knows better

But refuses to listen

To the story

of the Big Bad Wolf.



is simply weaving words

Through time,

Crossing continents and consonants

In a clever  d a n c e  of lyrical pride.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely Sunday! If you liked this post, please share or comment below! Also make sure to follow me on Twitter @CaseyDonart for more poetry.

xoxo Casey


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