Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk a bit about packing for travel and just how stressful/hard it can be! I’ve spent the last few days scouring the internet for the ‘secret’ tips to packing light(er) and will now share all of the things I’ve found so far with all of you!

Tip #1: Make a list.

This advice comes from an obsessive list-maker (I have one for everything). Staying organized and not forgetting any items is a must, and lists just make things so much easier when it comes to gathering everything together and having the ability to check things off once you pack them.

Tip #2: Roll, don’t fold.

I actually tested this one out earlier today, and I can definitely guarantee that rolling your clothes is a lot more space-effective than simply folding them as you would to put them away in a drawer. If you are as non-worried about wrinkles/creases as I am, rolling is definitely the way to go.

Tip #3: Know your airline’s baggage rules

Everyone pretty much knows the 3-1-1 rule, but you should also check in to the potential fees of checked bags/carry-ons and try to pack in a way to avoid the worst of them. This is obviously easier if you are going on a shorter trip.

Tip #4: Pack clothes that are dual-purpose

Choose pieces of your wardrobe that are multi-functional and can be mix-and-matched with the other pieces you are bringing. My personal favorite wardrobe item I have is a black skirt that goes with anything and everything.

Tip #5: Don’t over-pack

This one may seem obvious given suitcase limitations, but it still amazes me how many items I bring to school with me that I end up using sparingly. If you are thinking to yourself “I may need this in case ‘x’ happens” it’s probably unessential and shouldn’t be packed.

Tip #6: Put socks/smaller items in your shoes

Pack away socks or small items into your shoes to save valuable space in your suitcase.

Tip #7: Don’t bring toiletry/other items you can buy at your destination

Save space by only bringing essential items and buying whatever you don’t have where you are going. Toothpaste, sunscreen, etc., is available pretty much anywhere.

Tip #8: Consider storage cubes/other space savers

My personal verdict is still out on these, but some claim buying storage cubes and other types of organizers are the best thing they’ve ever done. Not sure if they provide the best space solutions, but they definitely can get you more organized and make it easier to find things in your luggage, so this may be a good thing to look into.

Those are the best tips I could find. Do you have any other travel packing tips? Share them with me!

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