Hello lovelies! Here’s to another Sunday of poetry! Please enjoy 🙂


because all I see are words

you string together and capture me with.

Please don’t say what you want

I can’t take it, these words will destroy me.

Please let me lives the lies, it’s safer than truth.

Explain everything, but forget the truth.

It won’t change anything

It won’t give me you.


I layer wall upon wall

to shield truth from wandering eyes.

I hide behind brick and wood

I steal from the stars the darkness

to hide the light inside.

They can not steal what you hide.

I fit my heart in tiny bows

and wrap it painfully in leather.

I trust that no stone nor arrow can piece

what is hidden within.

I nourish the walls until they ripen

And await the day

One is clever enough to harvest them.


because we can’t.

We lose and we hurt and we suffer

but we can’t break.

There is strength inside our bones,

A wariness of the world

and all it contains.

We still move and breathe,

because we live through the pain.

The pain




Have a great week, everyone. Follow me on Twitter @CaseyDonart

xoxo Casey


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