Hey everyone. The sun is shining and things are heating up (both physically and figuratively) … we all know what that means: spring break! It’s a week to get away from boring classes and faking interest in basic human interactions, and a chance to either do something totally fun or lay in bed all day doing nothing at all. (No judgement here either way).

If you are hitting the road or the airport for some fun in the sun, here are a few must-haves for your travels:

  1. Cute sunglasses

It’s a necessity for your vision and just for looking adorable and stuff.

  1. Flowy dresses and short shorts

The lighter the clothing, the better. Mix and match, and don’t forget a cute floppy hat as an accessory!

  1. Swimsuits – the more the better

Who can choose just one? Be creative and wear a different suit for every day you spend at the beach.

  1. Headphones

Seriously, how else are you going to pretend that you can’t hear that guy sitting next to you on the airplane who won’t stop talking? (Yes, I admit to being that person who sometimes wears headphones not plugged into anything so that I can be left alone).

  1. Sunscreen

I would be a horrible person if I told you not to bring this. Seriously, skin cancer is not attractive.

  1. Beach reads

Yes, I’m a book nerd. Join me in my nerdom and bring one along with you. Maybe we can start a club or something.

  1. Phone charger

Forgetting this one would literally be my biggest nightmare ever.

  1. Makeup wipes

The heat and your sweat – not a good combination. Wipes are literally a life saver at the end of a long day or even when you need to quick wipe away shininess.

Well, there is a good start to your list of essentials. Don’t forget your toothbrush and all that other boring stuff either. xoxo and have a fun Spring Break!

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